Alex Zalewska is a 26 year old female photographer currently living in London, UK. She graduated from University Of The Arts London in Photojournalism. For the past ten years she has been travelling all around the world trying to capture the beauty of our planet and the unity between all beings. She uses her photography skills as a tool to tell a story of various societies and individuals with empathy and honesty. Alex believes that as a documentary photographer it is her responsibility to document the lives of others in a way that is truthful and engaging.
She hopes that through her work the eyes of some people will open to the harsh reality and issues of todays world but also to the beauty and serenity our planet has to offer.

She is also involved in a charity work with Tutu foundation UK and various photography projects in South Africa.

Her weekly radio show, Sound Constellations on Netil Radio, is a journey through weird and wonderful music from around the world.


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Newsweek Magazine
The Guardian
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